Bookshelf Update

It has been in the back of my mind for some time that I have been in a new location and have not informed the Internet about my bookshelf situation. I mean, the title of this blog is “Overcrowded Bookshelves” which suggests that I my books outnumber my shelves. Or that there is at least a limited amount of shelf space, if any.

I have here to inform you, Internet, that my bookshelves are no longer overcrowded . . . for now.

In fact, I have approximately one full shelf of empty space! It’s currently occupied by a lonesome anthology and one part of my old roommate’s wedding present, but it’s empty space nonetheless! Which means I can buy more books without worrying about their placement.

And what’s more!

There is a third bookcase in my old bedroom with my parents. So if ever shelving gets tighter than comfortable, I just need to practice some feng shui and and I’ll have room again! Easy peasy.

The current shelving situation includes: 2 bookcases, approximately 6 feet in height each, holding the entirety of my books minus three titles and all the magazines; 1 half-shelf holding the entirety of my DVD Collection and coloring books; and 1 made-for-DVDs shelf stuffed with board games and dart guns. The pile of coupons on top makes it look messier than it is.

So voila! Bookshelves no longer overcrowded, but give me a few months. On the weekends I do not venture into the Great World of Out of Town, I spend about $20 on books. Give it six months.


Discussion Question: How is your bookshelf situation?



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