My Reason To Work

So you may think that you work to be a good citizen of the current civilization, to make your mark on your society, your neighborhood, and contribute to the good of all. You probably work because you enjoy what you are doing and wish to keep getting money for it. Whatever the reason, the reason why you work is your own. But, because this is my blog and I can say whatever I want on it, I will share with you the reason why I work:

To fuel my cashew addiction.

World, I, alias Morike, am addicted to cashews, and I work so I can pay $5 for every 10oz canister. A canister of cashews a day equates to seven a week, equates to $35 a week, which is about $140 a month. That is more than the combination of my internet and energy bills.

And so I take thee, salaried writing job, as my daily bread, for which I trade so I may partake of these lovely cashews.

My mouth waters just staring at them.

Discussion Question: Why do you work?



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