Bastille Days!

This past weekend was Bastille Days in downtown Milwaukee. So a good friend of mine and I set out to explore and have a good time. And a good time was had indeed.

There were a lot of booths selling stuff. I looked around, considering getting something because now that I have a Grown Up Job, I figure I can afford little luxuries like this. It’s great being in money, even a little bit. But we wandered and the same time I checked out various crafts-I-may-have-seen-before, I also checked out the food booths. Bastille Days is advertised as being a celebration of all that is French, but there were a lot of international things. Like a booth selling Egyptian art, and an East Asian food booth. And I’m pretty sure cannoli is Italian. There were also belly dancers. They were really good belly dancers, but I didn’t think belly dancers were French, per se. In any case, they were fun to watch. I also like the rhythmic sound of their jewelry.

Anyway, lunch for me was a baguette avec jambon et fromage. And for dessert, une crepe avec les fraises a la mode. Et oui, je parle un peu français. But only a little.

I also had a cup of delicious lemonade.

Purchases include a pair of earrings that feel like they’re made from a special, synthetic clay. I’ve seen this kind of clay used before, but I don’t know what the name of it is. (It’s a very light weight clay, and I’ve only seen it used in jewelry. I don’t even know if it’s actually clay). I also bought a really pretty burgundy top that I wore to work today. Because it was pretty, and didn’t have sleeves to make my sunburn itch.

Because I got sun. I’m sporting raccoon eyes and you can see my swimsuit lines on my back again. But you know what? I also got to see restaurant wait staff compete in an obstacle course.

The race is not as easy as it looked. When the whistle blew, the waiter/waitress had to open a new bottle of red wine, pour it in a glass to a fill line, and carry tray with one glass full, one glass empty, and the wine bottle over the shoulder with one hand. They had to weave around a table, step over a chair, weave between a fence, climb a platform on wobbly stairs, walk across, climb back down, and walk one of those tire obstacles you often see footballers use. Their partner was on the other side at a table. The partner filled the second wine glass and carried the tray above the shoulder like the first one. They walk through the tire obstacles, up the platform where they had to sort through exact change for a bill. Then walk down the other side, weave through the fence, step over the chair, weave around the table, and finish at the starting table. Finally, for bonus points, each team had to answer a trivia question.

During my time there, there were probably eight to ten wine glasses spilled (THE WINE), one almost tripped, and quite a few competitors skipped an obstacle or two. I forget some of the restaurants that competed, but I think they were near Cathedral Square. One day, I will go to these restaurants. One day.

We didn’t stick around for the winner. The sun was too hot and I was getting kind of tired. But it was a fun time to be had.


Discussion Question: How was your weekend?



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