Thoughts on Things: The Amazing Spider-Man

And I’m back (briefly) to share my thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man, which was quite amazing. I recommend you all go see it when you get the chance. But don’t read this if you’re planning on seeing it. Spoilers ahead.

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) finds a clue that might help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young. His path puts him on a collision course with Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), his father’s former partner.

What I liked:

I didn’t notice this until I left the theater and geeked a little bit, but the acting was amazing. The supporting cast was fantastic and help make the movie, but I would like to talk about Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Because holy man, they were awesome! Their on screen chemistry was spot on. And not just that! But as I was watching the movie, I thought they were BOTH about my age or younger. Nope. Andrew Garfield is 28 (according to Google). Emma Stone’s about my age, but holy crap Andrew Garfield! He was phenomenal. He was awkward and ducked his head to authority and his body language  . . . you just wanted to squeeze and cuddle him! There are not enough superlatives for it. Not enough superlatives. Well, maybe not that many, but I really liked his performance. (I blame my excitement on Tumblr. They love him over there.)

While in the theater, I kept noticing the small details and characterizations. For instance, you knew Peter Parker liked to make his own robotic gadgets because of his pretty awesome robotic lock. And everyone brought up his photography at the beginning of the movie, but it only came into play once during the real action. We all know that’s going to come into play in later movies. Also, Flash. Flash evolves from a bully to a friend entirely in the background. It was awesome. They’re probably setting him up for later movies, but the fact that it was in the background was great. I love it.

That’s another thing I really liked: the set-ups. You see them coming — mentioning The Daily Bugle in a single shot (maybe more that I missed), not really answering questions about Peter’s father (although he’s a recurring theme). There was even mention that no one survived a bite from one of the lab spiders before. I predict future plot-point.

Superheroes interacting with small children melts my heart. So I loved the scene when Peter saves the little boy in the van. He takes off his mask and is all “Look, I’m just a normal guy. Here, take my mask. Put it on, it’ll make you strong.” akdfja;lsdjkfhaldkfjsadk. Adorable!

And finally, I really liked the cheesiness. But I like cheesy things. Like the crane guy who was all “Spider-Man saved my boy! Let’s give him a clear path!!” It’s my default setting. Except the last line in the movie. But more on that later.

What I disliked:

It’s later. So I really didn’t like the last exchange:

English Teacher Never Seen Before: “Never make promises you can’t keep, Parker.”
Peter (to Gwen): “But those are the best kind.”

Cornier than Iowa for my tastes. Yes I just did that. Sue me.

Secondly, the movie wasn’t entirely clear of the Lizard’s motives. I didn’t understand why he would want to scatter the Lizard-concoction all over the city. He mentioned everyone being equal, but I never trust anyone that says that. If anyone ever tells you that what they’re doing is so everyone can be equal, they are a supervillain in the making and you should probably get away from them. Unless you’ve been suckered into being their minion/sidekick/hostage/etc, then I suppose I can give you a free pass. But seriously, get out of there. Anyway, the motives of the Lizard were unclear. And I think his story about keeping away from Peter was kind of dodgy, but I might forgive him if I see it a second time.

I’m sorry, I don’t pay attention to the stuff I don’t like in a movie. Unless you swim through a sewer in open wounds and then have your girlfriend clean you up. Because, seriously, who does that? I realize you don’t want to explain you were racked across the chest by a giant lizard in the ER, but dude, man. Infection. Let’s be real here. Most of the rest of the movie was pretty accurate in realism. Give the kid an infection. Do it for me!!

And because I don’t want to end on a negative note, here’s 13 Reasons Why Andrew Garfield is the Best Spiderman Ever. Enjoy~


Discussion Question: What did you think of The Amazing Spider-Man?



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