Unnerving Public Bathrooms

Something unnerves me about public bathrooms. It’s not the questionable toilet or the potential to pick the only stall without toilet paper and no one else is in the bathroom with you. It’s not the dirty floor or overflowing trash cans, although I don’t judge those who think these things. No, it’s the fact that when you sit down to do your business, you look ahead and notice that there is a crack between the door and the stall wall.

I always imagine little kids running up and looking through that crack. Then this exchange happens.

ME: Hey, you. Spell iCup.
Little Kid: I-C-U-P!!!
Mother: Get over here! I’m so sorry!

Of course, I expect this to happen with my friends sometime soon. And by expect this to happen I mean, of all of us, I’m the one most likely to peek in through the crack. If I felt my victim comfortable enough to handle it, that is.

But anyway, I would prefer I’m not watched during this time, thanks very much. Just wanted to share that with the world.


Discussion Question: What unnerves you about public bathrooms?



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