And now, and update on my life

Greetings, world! How have you been? Fantastic. This is how I’ve been.

So the first thing I did after graduation was go to Six Flags Great America with my friends, which is highly recommended. We did 18 rides in approximately six hours so I can’t fully remember getting home and what I did the next morning. I think there was homemade Pakistani ice cream. That stuff was delicious.

Then I spent the next week doing stuff with my friends because we didn’t have school to bring us down (albeit Secret Codename Mike had his internship every day), but I distinctly remember getting everyone to The Avengers again. Then there was WisCon, where I attended panels on my former boss’s dime and saw Mary Robinette Kowal at a distance. I also saw the cover and title for John Scalzi’s book after Redshirts, which made me give the Skeptical Eye to my boss. But I still think it was his butt the next Tuesday even though the rest of the company didn’t know it. So you know.

And then I went apartment hunting because I got a Grown Up Job which meant I had to relocate. And I found it in three hours but we waited an extra six to look at others just in case but, I gotta say, nothing else beat the location and a 24-hour maintenance turnaround and a carpeted basement. And the breakfast bar. This complex beat the ones with a pool, just saying.

So then there was two extra weeks in the Old Place where I had to do monstrosities like Not Pack and Procrastination and Returning Library Books. Really, it was a horrible experience.
(Truth speak: it was a wonderful time)

In my current state, I am a week into my job, a week into my new apartment, and I’m going to see Brave this weekend. I’m also going to hang up a few posters and maybe put away the plastic containers hogging the stools. Perhaps I should sort the linen closet too. In other words, it’s taking me forever to move everything in. The good news is I got a new couch and my coffee table was ridiculously cheap. Neither of which match my papasan chair.

Oh, and I almost killed my plant. But water and sunshine brought it back. Amazing what that stuff can do, isn’t it? So if you’re ever feeling wilty, just go outside with a bottle of water. You might want a book too.


Discussion Question: How are you?



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