Where I Was and What I Did (Litfest 2012)

Litfest is a week-long literary festival put on by the WUD Publications Committee, of which I’m Associate Director.  Events associated with Litfest are marked with [L].

Monday —

[L] Graphic Novel Panel – 7:00pm-9:00pm
I already talked about this event. I’ve provided a link in case you were curious.

Tuesday —

[L] Student Writer Awards – 6:00pm-8:00pm
I submitted a story, but I didn’t win anything. There were fifteen winners in total, and they were all well-deserved. One story was written by one of Working Title’s very own, which made me super happy. There was also a creative non-fiction about a guy who spent a week on the street to learn the life of the homeless, two awesome poems by my favorite poet, and a short story about a person’s addiction to a state of being. Everything was very nice to listen to (and the cake was delicious).

Wednesday —

German Department Banquet – drinks: 5:00pm, dinner: 5:45pm
This isn’t part of Litfest at all. My friend (secret codename) Walter mentioned this was happening to a group of us. (Secret codename) Mike and I wanted to go as Walter’s parents, but she was not comfortable with that idea at all. So Mike and I rock-paper-scissored for the opportunity and I won. The location was fancy, as was the attire of the guest, the food was good, and I actually finished my cheesecake, which I’m not normally fond of. The big surprise of the night was the German department pawning off swag to the students. I ended up with two tee shirts, no less than four pens, a handkerchief, a lanyard, and three buttons.

I missed the Litfest event with Benjamin Mee, but I think the swag makes up for it.

Thursday —

[L] Screenwriting Workshop – 4:30pm-6:00pm
My professional mentor (real name) Christine was leading this one with her screenwriting partner. Although I came about half an hour late, I still managed to pick up on what I missed and took a lot of notes. I don’t anticipate on using these anytime soon, but it’s always nice to keep around just in case I want to try out a different medium. I hear about a lot of authors who write both novels AND screenplays.

WUD Recognition Banquet – 6:30pm-8:00pm
Although not a Litfest-specific event, this was a great time for all the WUD Committees to get together and hang out. The theme this year was Colors, so PubCom just dressed nicely in solid colors and taped the InDesign hex code to ourselves. Except I wore a white shirt, so I taped about six hex codes of various colors to myself and said I was “the rainbow of your imagination.” Meanwhile, there was a lot of food. A lot of food. Fellow AD (secret codename) Estrange and I wished we brought tupperware so we could take home the leftovers, of which there was a lot. The rest of the banquet was fun shenanigans and some WUD Directors rewarding their ADs with awesome gifts. (The best gifts came from Art Committee Director (real name) Lucas who spent time, money, and thought into each one.)

Friday —

[L] Blogging and the New Look of Journalism — 6:00pm-8:00pm
The final event for Litfest didn’t have much of a turnout, but it was still informative and fun. I took lots of notes for this one too. The panel focused more on political blogging rather than blogging in general or blogging for a specific niche audience.  But I wrote down what pieces of advice I thought valuable. Still educational.


Discussion Question: What’s the most interesting panel or lecture you’ve ever attended? This can be from anywhere (convention, college class, etc).



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