F – Falling Skies

I fell behind on getting these up, so I’ll be posting twice a day until I catch up to the actual date. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This post is for the letter F in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

Today, I’d like to point out issues I had with the TNT summer television show Falling Skies. This is less literary analysis and more what I think could have been done better. Despite what the rest of this post may tell you, I really did enjoy what I saw with this show. I liked where it was going and I’ll be watching the second series because I’m really interested. But I still have issues with some things. They are two-fold:

1). The amount of people fighting the aliens. I don’t know about the rest of you, but even though I don’t consider myself soldier material, I will still take up arms in a situation like Falling Skies. The Second Mass is pretty much run by a small militia because a lot of where they hide is based on military strategy. So it makes sense that there will be more soldiers in the human militia than there are non-soldiers.

But this doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, the militia is only a small portion of the Second Mass, and the majority of it is non-fighting civilians. I can understand some people not fighting because of post-traumatic stress or depression, but I would think that after a while you’d start to adjust. Or maybe I’m giving humanity too much credit for this.

My point is, I don’t much understand why there are so many able-bodied civilians that aren’t at least training to be soldiers. At the very least, the sick and elderly would know how to use a gun.

2). They capture an alien in episode two and don’t dissect it until the end of the season. The biggest obstacle the Second Mass has when fighting these aliens is the fact that they don’t know how the aliens operate. But you have a dead one locked in a room somewhere. What prevented you from cutting it open in episode three? And of those things taking your time, why weren’t they put on the back burner for military advantage? You got a medical intern halfway through the series. She’s capable of handling cuts and gunshots on her own. Leave her be and go check out that alien corpse. I really don’t think there’s a valid excuse for his in the show. That alien should have been dissected earlier in the season.

Furthermore, when the doctor finally inspects the alien, she doesn’t go all the way. From what the audience sees, she only got to the weird spine-thing and didn’t go any further. Aren’t you interested to know the anatomy of the alien? I understand if xenobiology is no longer interesting, but the more you know how those spine-things react to other bodies, the better you’ll understand what the aliens are doing on Earth. This is such a missed opportunity.

I do have some other smaller issues with plot points and acting, but these two major issues deal with how the actual story was told, particularly the second point. That was one giant missed opportunity right there.

Other than that, I kept coming back to this show. I wanted to know more about the aliens and the world. So when it airs again this summer, I’ll be sure to watch it.


Discussion Question: What’s a television show/movie/book that needs improvement but you still enjoy?


8 thoughts on “F – Falling Skies

  1. I think that any story that has been written by more than one writer will have issues that can be corrected, because someone always forgets something if it wasn’t their idea….

  2. I watched some of Falling Skies but never made it to the end of the season.

    I love watching The Walking Dead but I think it needs…well, maybe not improvement exactly, but more consistency. It doesn’t always seem to know what kind of show it’s trying to be.

  3. Eventually every story needs some tightening. As times passes by certain plots develop in unexpected ways and the story needs a tweak or two to fall into the laws of logic. That I understand and can accept but what I just hate is when stories are absurd from the get go or simply don’t make sense. That’s why I couldn’t watch “V”, the new one, though I was so excited to know of the remake. LOST was an excellent, intelligent story and I’m still grieving. I wished more shows where so good.

    From Diary of a Writer in Progress

  4. I love the name of your blog! I have them, too! Well, I’m not into Aliens, nor do I watch much TV, but I do enjoy reading Picture Books, even tho’ some of them should have been written differently. I learn from them all. Just stopping by from the Challenge…hope you get caught up!


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