Steampunk: an Explanation Part 3

Every so often, I throw out the term “steampunk” to my parents. I’m so used to the term that I expect others to know what it means as well, and no matter my explanation, my parents never fully understand what it is. That’s why I started Steampunk: An Explanation for my Parents, a three-part series outlining the basics of the steampunk genre.

An Assortment of Steampunk Images

an illustration from "Leviathan" by Scott Westerfeld

a quaint room that would be fun to explore

A group of people in steampunk garb.

A couple of tiny bugs that look like musical instruments.

Mad science!

Writing Prompt: How did this guy's arm get this way?

dream bustle

Steampunk fashion is quite popular. Also, I would totally wear this to class.

Dear Mom and Dad,

If you are still stumped on the nature of steampunk, then I would recommend Google. There are a plethora of articles that can better detail the nature of steampunk with more accuracy than I can — although my own concept of steampunk is very general and not very specific, which is what you are probably looking for when you’re looking for an explanation on steampunk.

I hope you enjoyed this little blog-series just for you!

Comment Question: Share a link to your favorite steampunk image or story!


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