Christmas Markets

So I was studying abroad in London last year, and I decided to stay over in Europe for Christmas. I had no idea what I was going to do, and my parents made my older brother come visit me. To be honest, he didn’t need much convincing. He was probably applying for a passport when they barged into his room to tell him. So we got to talking about where we would go. He wanted to visit Paris because of the Tour de France. I wanted to visit Germany because of the Christmas Markets. I’ll tell you about our Great Christmas Adventure later, but I want to talk about Christmas Markets.

I read in a brochure (that I can’t find anymore) that the first Christmas Market took place on a frozen river in Germany in the middle ages. It became a yearly tradition and eventually, it gained enough fame to spread to other villages. More than five hundred years later, Christmas Markets are seen everywhere from Germany to France to England to Chicago.

My first encounter with a Christmas Market was in London. I went on the London Eye with a couple friends and we decided to check out the South Bank because there was a crowd there. And we saw booths with items, mostly handmade. I was eyeing up these leather-bound journals for a while. But we had a good time. Since I lived fairly close to the South Bank, I decided to come back with more cash so I can buy something. Perhaps I’ll get something nice for Mom’s birthday, or for Christmas. I eventually did come back, and I got mom a pair of earrings. About a week later, a girl from Norway invited me along to the same market with a girl from Nottingham. I convinced one to ride the carousel with me.

And here we are!

A few weeks later, my brother and I were in Paris. I think we had a bunch of time to wander from the Eiffel Tower to someplace else, so we decided to wander and found a Christmas Market. There was a small ice skating rink and a crepe shop where we got crepes. I couldn’t go to Paris without eating a crepe on the street. My older brother enjoyed it. I think I tried to get mulled wine, but our hands were full with messy Nutella crepes.

When we finally got to Germany, we found a few Christmas Markets on our walking tour. The one we explored by ourselves was in Alexander Platss.  This is when I convinced my older brother to get mulled wine with our bratwursts. He didn’t much like the wine, but the brat was good. I debated buying a steampunk-looking ring for myself, but decided against it. But we had a good time. I wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but my brother gets sick on them (and I didn’t want to ride it alone). Besides, it was too cold to have more wind blowing in your face.

This year, a few friends and I wanted to take a bus to Chicago for the Christmas Market there. I agreed to go, but a second look at my homework convinced me otherwise. Maybe next year.

Comment Question: Have you visited a Christmas Market? Where was it held?



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