Used Books Come Cheap

Before you read this post, I should tell you that I am a very economical person. With that being said, I must confess something that just might change your opinion of me:

I love

I realize Amazon is the bane of existence and should rot in a corner within a deep circle of Hell. There are many reasons of which I can cite, including their dispute with McMillan Books some time back and Penguin’s current withdrawal of all their titles from e-lending. According to Boss The Editor, Amazon just purchased a small children’s literature publishing company; now Amazon can MAKE books in addition to selling them! It’s a douchebag move, according to Boss The Editor, and it makes him hate Amazon even more.


I have saved so much money and time with Amazon. If I didn’t use Amazon, I would have to take a bus to the nearest Barnes and Noble to purchase new books. The ride itself takes about an hour. Granted, private transportation would be a lot faster. HOWEVER, I live in a town and area where a car is not practical. I mean, I have a whole bus system at my fingertips! And the bus is FREE thanks to the student government. And I really don’t mind the bus.

In any case, I would have to pay approximately double the price for a book when purchased by Barnes and Noble as opposed to Amazon, who has the price cut AND delivers straight to my door. OH THE CONVENIENCE!!

I feel now is the time to clarify something.

The majority of my Amazon purchases are not brand new books. Gasp, what a surprise, right? Not really. You see, any recent releases I want to read are either at the Madison Public Library or in Editor the Boss’s library of free books. So what do I use Amazon for? Used books not available in Paul’s and Browzer’s of course!

Paul’s Books and Browzer’s Bookshop are two used bookstores on State Street. Browzer’s has a larger location and thus larger selection of titles, but Paul’s has more character, I think. The shelves reach to the ceiling and the checkout counter is hidden behind stacks of books and there is usually classical music playing in the background. All the shelves are wooden and washed out in the dull lighting and I hear the owner brings in his dog on weekdays. On the other hand, Browzer’s is carpeted with an antiquated checkout counter and a large selection of cookbooks that makes my hands itch for a stove. My friends and I were browsing about there once until we saw the romance section where we paged through and read aloud the juicy bits. I remember shutting mine in frustration when the heat was killed in my scene. It was disappointing for all of us.

My last purchase was a worn edition of Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clark that I got for Adapting for the Screen. Before that, I purchased the Norton Anthology of English Literature volumes D, E, and F for British Literature since 1750. I predict my next purchase will be The Complete Works of Shakespeare for my Shakespeare seminar next semester. These are all books I couldn’t find anywhere else. And they came the cheapest through Amazon rather than ordering them through the University Bookstore (which, by the way, totally rips you off).

Comment Question: Do you have an evil thing that you continue to use (i.e. Internet Explorer, Wal-Mart, etc)? Share why you do so in the comments!



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