Where I Get Free Books

Despite my love for used bookstores  and Amazon.com, I found a much more cost effective way to add to my library. Earlier in the semester, I acquired an internship with an out of house editor living in my town. The position is paid for in lunch and books, in that I get free lunch whenever I am there during lunchtime and I get free books whenever I want. Granted, the selection is entirely science fiction and fantasy, which does not bother me one bit. In fact, I love the selection! If anything will get me more read in adult science fiction, it will be this internship.

And man, does this guy have the books.

Walking into his office isn’t enough. I mean, yeah, there’s a small pathway to get to the main room, but you pretty much walk through a room covered in boxes full of books. You have to wade through these boxes to get to the fax machine. The room has a few bookshelves, tall bookshelves. One is even devoted to audiobooks and foreign editions. I found the Russian print of the 2007 Year’s Best Fantasy and Science Fiction. I also found an old toaster oven by the old fax machine.

There is a small niche next to the main room that would be a perfect cubby for storage — and it is! Guess what’s in it. If you guessed the latest publications, then you guessed correctly! I’m pretty sure that small shelving area alone features titles I didn’t know existed, and I’ve been exploring it for a few weeks now.

And then one day, a week after I started, I was led to the basement.

Boss the Editor’s basement is what mine will eventually resemble. There will be a series of industrial shelves sagging with books. And when you thought you finished exploring the shelves, you will discover another area filled with even more books. And your jaw will drop and you will make plans to visit when you don’t have to get to class in thirty minutes. Because you can look through the entire basement for ages and still find something you never thought was down there. One of these days, I will sneak into that basement and spend a full day sorting through everything.

I have also determined that I will attempt an organization system in that basement. I doubt it’ll last, and I doubt I will get very far. Anyway, I just want to sort through each and every book down there just so I can know what all exists! It’s the dream library my own meager one dreams of becoming.

You can take books from the basement too. Boss the Editor doesn’t keep track, really. As long as there are at least two copies of a title, it’s yours. His Assistant told me that the at-least-two-copies rule doesn’t really apply to the basement, but I’m iffy about breaking it. What if I take a book that he really wants to read when he retires or something? Or what if he really needs this particular book at this particular time? What then? I would have denied him that luxury. He probably won’t know I was the one who took the book, but still. It’s the thought that counts.

Comment Question: Where can you spend hours without getting bored? Your answer cannot be a website or “The Internet” — it must be a physical place.


2 thoughts on “Where I Get Free Books

  1. There is what is called ‘Friends of the Library’ Bookstore where I live that is actually housed in our public library itself. You can get almost any kind of book you can think of for just a few dollars. And I thought I had it good!

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