I really do need more shelves

World, I have a problem. It involves books. You see this tote bag?

When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes (Erasmus)

It is so totally true!

I have had a problem with books ever since I started university. More specifically, buying books I don’t need. The last time I went into Paul’s Books, I bought The Planet of the Apes because it was $2 and thin. I thought I would read it in my spare time. But you know what? I thought I would read The Art of Racing in the Rain in my spare time. The same thing with Red Mars. I have four books I bought in London last year that I have yet to read.

But you can see my problem here. I love books so much that I don’t think about where I’m going to put them when I finally arrive back home.

My mom had an innovative idea that would help me with my nomadic ways. She bought a series of crates that, while between homes, can carry books and, during habitation, can be stacked on their side like a bookshelf. This was a fantastic idea! I can just move books and not worry about packing them away in 100lb boxes! So I moved as such and then I set up the living room with my awesome crate-shelves and then I hit my first snag: the crates started to sag under the weight of all the books!

My parents came to visit a few weeks later and they said, “We’re buying you a bookshelf.”

And so I got a bookshelf that fits the vast majority of my books. I even got an extra shelf for it because it had the space and I have the books. And so things are working well.

For now.

Comment Question: Do you collect anything? If applicable, how do you handle the issue of storage?



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